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  • TRIM Program- 12 week intensive

    We understand that getting your health under control is challenging and also can be expensive. Here at Body Shop, we want to be able to help clients on any budget. Our group sessions are perfect for a group of friends looking to get healthy, keep each other accountable, and stick to a budget. Body Shop can also do Group Sessions for your place of work as a one-time work shop or a reoccurring monthly program. We highly recommend our 12 week intense TRIM program (Treatment to reverse impaired metabolism). Individual coaching $600 total for 12 week program ($50/week). Group coaching 2-4 people $500 per person for 12 week program ($41.66/week). Groups of 5 or more $300 per person for 12 week program ($25/week). Turn your body into a fat burning machine!!!

  • Initial Health Consultation

    Meet with us one-on-one so we can properly assess your present health level, identify your struggles, and define the goals that you want to achieve.

  • 1-on-1 Session

    1-on-1 programs help you identify your very personal and psychological issues  with your health.  Robyn or Molly will meet you at the location of your choice to begin your lifestyle change. These sessions tend to be emotional as we work through your personal health struggles. We identify why you are where you are, why you want and need to change, and how we will get you there.

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  • Why Diets Don’t Work

    The truth about why diets don’t work. The idea of a diet is one that lacks commitment. “I’m going to start a diet…, When I get off this diet…..” A lifestyle change has the opposite implication. You are looking for lasting changes to make, that will payoff, in lasting results. When one enters into any relationship it causes change and yet we don’t enter in with the idea of ‘as soon as this thing is over, I will be able to do what I want again.’ Goals can not be short sited or expected to always be instantaneous. Changing things in your life that are ultimately causing you harm should be your goal. How do you implement a true lifestyle change. Know your why. If your goal is only to wear that little black dress for a special event, you are likely doomed for failure and destined to regain weight and become unhealthy again. If on the other hand your first goal is to wear the little black dress, but continue on a health journey after crossing that first goal off your list, you are more likely to commit. Identify the health changes you desire. Looking good, feeling better are very broad. ‘I want to bring my blood sugar under control’. This is a real measurable goal. Knowing, if your blood sugar is controlled, you likely can avoid medication or reduce current medications. Decreasing blood sugar will help decrease inflammation and insulin resistance. These two things alone are the driving cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, PCOS, diabetes, metabolic resistance, even premature aging and cancer. Ultimately the result of a lifestyle change that lowers blood sugar will cause weight loss, improve metabolic function, give you more energy and more clear thinking. Your why, is your driving force and your compass for your journey. Yes, this is a journey, no microwave wellness here. Your why may be that your parents died young and you want to be here to see your grandchildren. Drill down on this why. What would life look like with those grandkids. Are you up for a daylong trip of walking around an amusement park or helping coach soccer or softball? Be honest with yourself. Plan this journey. Be specific about the changes you want to make. I want my knees not to hurt when I walk. I will decrease inflammation by the changes I make, which will also result in weight loss and decreased damage to my joints. I will take less pain medication which will help repair my gut health and preserve my liver health. Maybe your why, in light of current events, is to improve your immune health. I will learn about immunity and lifestyle changes that will improve my ability to heal myself and PREVENT disease. These things are measurable in blood work and other evaluations. Make a plan. If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. Don’t try to make all the changes you want for your future all at one time. This is a recipe for disaster. ‘I’m going to only eat 800 calories a day of kelp and spinach, and run 5 miles a day, and star doing cross fit 3 days a week starting right now.’ How unrealistic for someone who hasn’t left the couch or the Doritos in the last 5 years. Small changes implemented and perfected, one step at a time. Yes, change your food choices, add movement. Set measurable goals, understand that weight loss and health improvement are not linear. There will be temporary plateaus. Understand that a plateau is usually a sign of internal healing. Can you knit and play the guitar at the same time. No! Just because you don’t see visible external changes doesn’t mean you are not healing internally. I have a client that came to me wanting to get off medication and control his blood sugar without the use of medication. After reviewing his lab values it became evident that more than A1c needed repair. His cholesterol, triglycerides and uric acid were all skewed. Getting off medication came early, blood sugar normalized quickly. The last value, after 11 months, uric acid is finally normal. Planning, consistency, patience will pay off. Look at changes that fit your schedule, your budget, your preferences. The goal would be to change to healthier preferences. Knowing you hate kelp and running, makes a long term commitment to that lifestyle unlikely. However knowing that sugar, in all its many forms, causes metabolic resistance and therefore inflammation would make becoming a label super sleuth a realistic goal. Your goal would therefore be to avoid foods with sugar. Obvious sugar laden foods such as sodas, fruit juices, candy and ‘snack foods’. Just making the choice to avoid these foods for the first three weeks of your journey. Once you master this, begin planning for the next change you will make, like removing inflammatory oils from your food choices. Keep your why in front of you, make a list of all your whys. Write them down on an index card, keep it with you, read it at least twice a day or anytime you feel vulnerable to temptation. Have a plan for temptations or outright sabotage. Create a coping plan for stress which is a trigger for so many poor choices in an attempt at self soothing. Evaluate your sleep patterns. Remember, late nights, extended time on electronics and short sleep times are all negatives when it comes to improving your health. Change, real change, takes practice and commitment. Just like a baby learning to walk, you keep getting up and going. Don’t be self critical for lapses. You wouldn’t scold a baby for falling down. You would cheer and encourage and help them keep going. Extend this same grace to yourself. You can do this. If you would like help exploring lifestyle changes and improving your health contact a body shop coach today.

  • A rose by any other name

    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare. This is true of so many things. Sugar, for instance is hidden in so may foods under alternative names. The reality is your body perceives it all the same. The response of your body to this glucose influx is to release insulin, to help dispose of this as quickly as possible. Some of the names of sugar are anything that end in -ose like, glucose, fructose, maltose, sucrose. Any syrup rice, maple, malt, you name it. Some labels even try to convince you that the sugars contained within are somehow different, organic raw sugar, turbinado sugar, invert sugar and yes even honey. IT’S ALL SUGAR, and your body doesn’t interpret it any differently. Every time you ingest glucose or anything that can be broken down to or converted to glucose your body responds with a release of insulin ( with the exception of type I diabetics). If you are like an increasing number of Americans (some estimates are as high as 80%) you are insulin resistant. So basically more insulin is like throwing gasoline on a a bonfire and wondering why the garden hose won’t put out the flames. Most people are unaware of the fact that they are insulin resistant. Unless you have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, or diabetes it is probably something that never entered your vocabulary. Insulin responds to input. The more we put in, the more insulin we crank out. Eventually the cells tire of the insulin signals to take in more glucose and turn a deaf ear. This is insulin resistance. The signal is still there, the stimulus is still there (glucose) but it appears that no one is listening. Insulin resistance is the foundational corner stone for many serious chronic diseases including heart disease, hypertension, infertility, PCOS, migraines, some forms of dementia and cancer. Elevated blood insulin levels can precede a diagnosis of elevated blood glucose, either pre diabetes or diabetes, by 10 years or more. News flash, most physicians NEVER check insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone, the master hormone actually. It is manufactured in the pancreas and is released when we ingest food that increases blood glucose. Insulin directs muscle protein production and growth, glucose conversion to fat and storage of fat, and glucose use for energy production. When there is an over supply of glucose, insulin works feverishly to pack it away. If it can’t be used for energy right away it has many storage areas to hide it in for later use. You might find some of the storage areas more appealing than others. Muscle for instance. Storage in this are is limited unless stimulation of other hormones accompanies insulin, by way of use and conditioning of the muscles. Other areas of storage include the liver and fat cells. Unfortunately these areas frequently experience ’over storage’ problems leading to fatty liver and excess body fat. The solution to decreasing unwanted storage is to decrease insulin stimulation. Simply put decreased glucose, sugar or most commonly known as carbohydrate consumption. Consumption of fat has no effect on blood glucose and creates no insulin response. Likewise animal based protein elicits very little change in blood glucose and little to no corresponding insulin response unless consumed in extreme excess. Quite literally the answer to lowering blood glucose and thereby decreasing insulin levels and insulin resistance is to not feed the beast. Processed carbohydrates are those most likely to elicit a rapid rise in both glucose and insulin response. If it comes in a box or bag or heat and eat package beware. Read the label, look for total carbohydrates (shoot for less than 50 total per day), look for hidden sugars and run. The easiest way to do this is to stick to real foods. Foods you can pronounce with ingredients you can pronounce, usually less than 5 ingredients, and close to the way they originally were created, minimally processed. Vegetables, meats, very limited fruits, caution with added sauces and dressings. Stop looking for low fat. Understand that anytime manufacturers remove something from a product they must replace it with something else to avoid having it taste like cardboard. That something is generally a sugar. Besides taste sugars are chosen because of low cost, massive availability, and addictive properties. Yes, along with all the other down sides of sugar it is addictive. Multiple studies have documented the changes that occur chemically in the brain in response to sugar. Those responses are similar to changes seen with both heroine and cocaine. The song by 80’s band Chicago said it best ‘Hard Habit to Break’. Not impossible. A rose by any other name indeed, but keep in mind that roses have thorns.

  • Inflammation, friend or foe?

    Immune response and Inflammation Immunity and immune response, inflammation, wellness, infection, all words that sprang to the forefront in 2020. What does any of it mean? Is it really important? The short answer is yes, they are important, but more important is that you understand what they are and how they affect your health. Inflammation and immunity are like twin sisters of well being. They exist to both defend and repair injury, infection and illness in the body. When triggered for long periods of time they cease to be helpful and become destructive and detrimental. Inflammation is the response of your body to insult. This could be physical trauma or injury as well as a bacterial or viral pathogen. Inflammation and the symptoms it produces are like a lighthouse on the coast. Inflammation warns you that something is wrong and if you don’t correct your course there is great danger. Inflammation is the immune systems response to these insults whether pathogen, toxin, abnormal cell growth or injury. The immune system is designed to recognize self vs. non-self. Anything that is thought to be non-self is labeled for destruction. The immune system is your ADT system. Once the alarm has been activated, in steps inflammation. Inflammation can respond locally and for a limited time to help repair injury or infection. This is acute inflammation. Acute inflammation or illness generally lasts two weeks or less. Like a sprained ankle or a cold. Inflammation lasting longer than two weeks can become chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation has a slower more gradual onset with or without injury or illness and will be around for more than six weeks. Chronic inflammation is the foundation for chronic disease, especially diseases fostered by insulin resistance. The majority of any type of inflammation starts at a given site after being alerted by the immune system sentinels which sound the alarm that there is a problem. The highest functioning area for recognition of non-self (foreign invaders) is the gut. According to Catherine Shanahan M.D. author of Deep Nutrition, “the immune system in the gut sees more foreign substances in a day, from bacteria, viruses, than the systemic (body wide) immune system sees in a lifetime.” Ideally the immune system is trained to identify non-threatening substances and develop a tolerance for them. We create anti (against) bodies against substances identified as threatening. The cells learn to recognize and remove threats. Cells look for patterns of amino acids (found in proteins, and enzymes) and sugars that indicate that a substance is bad and needs to be removed. This all begins in the gut. Highly processed foods frequently are mis- identified by the gut as a threat, which launches both the immune response (identifies the enemy, and calls for a response) which leads to inflammation. Remember inflammation is a response whether seen, like swelling, or unseen like headache, gastric upset or joint pains. Your body is telling you that worse danger is ahead. The worse danger, chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. Both these conditions are measurable in blood work, precipitated by what and how you eat, and for the most part preventable. We then know the choice, and blame, lies within ourselves. Knowledge is power, but once you know the truth you can’t ‘unknow’ it. The driving force behind chronic inflammation, decreased immune response and development of chronic diseases (high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes, PCOS, cardiovascular disease, and almost all autoimmune diseases) is insulin resistance. Frighteningly it is estimated that greater than half of all American adults, and an increasing number of children, are insulin resistant and most are not even aware that they have it. Insulin is a hormone, the master hormone, produced by the pancreas (except in type 1 diabetics). The major role of insulin is to regulate glucose (blood sugar) levels throughout the body. Insulin effects every cell in the body; keep that in mind when you think about how and where insulin resistance and inflammation can affect your well being. Insulin resistance generally develops as a response to increased insulin production, caused by excessive carbohydrate ingestion. Increased production of insulin creates on the cellular level, ‘Mom ears’. Like a mother listening to her children argue, it will take more than verbal banter to cause her to stop what she is doing and respond. Similarly your cells become desensitized to the high levels of insulin and stop responding to the request to dispose of glucose. The cycle has begun, high insulin, now ineffective, leads to high glucose. High insulin levels can precede a diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease by as much as ten years. Elevated glucose can increase systemic (body wide) inflammation. The body responds to inflammation, or perceived infection by releasing more glucose into the system, from the liver (energy for healing) and other cellular response. How then can we control inflammation, help our immune system clearly identify true infective dangers that need to be removed? What changes must be made to decrease disease, improve overall health and create well being? The answer is simple, lifestyle changes. What and when you eat, opting for movement, sun exposure and rest and recovery. Stick with us here as we explore each of these issues. You have a choice on wellness. Change can seem overwhelming, these are baby steps. Baby GIANT steps. The smallest changes made and maintained can make huge, life altering differences.

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  • Health Coaching | Body Coach Coaching and Wellness | United States

    WELCOME TO BODY SHOP COACHING AND WELLNESS. ​ ARE YOU READY TO LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR BLOOD SUGAR AND HORMONES, AND INCREASE YOUR IMMUNITY? ​ WE CAN HELP! ​ Online Sessions Available Contact Us Molly Parker and Robyn Schorr are proud to be assistant producers of the film , Food Lies a documentary featuring today's leading scientist and nutrition experts exposing why the past 50 years of dietary recommendations may have led to the health crisis we are currently experiencing. Molly Parker and Robyn Schorr are committed to being part of the solution and thrilled to be part of a project who's aim is to change how we think about food and nutrition. We are here to guide you through your weight loss journey, gain control of your metabolism, regulate your blood sugar and hormones to naturally reduce the inflammation in your body. Reducing inflammation decreases risk of chronic, progressive diseases and slows the effects of aging, joint pain, and strengthens our immune system. Book Now The Body Shop specializes in helping men and women lose weight and reclaim their health. Whatever your story is, we can help. We can help those who feel they have tried everything and failed. With our approach and proven program- you will be successful ! ​ The main force behind Body Shop Coaching & Wellness is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term health goals through the application of science based methods for long term and permanent change. Each client is individually evaluated by a professional Nutrition Coach and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives. We believe everybody is different, we will find what works for YOU! ​ Contact us today! ​ ​ Learn More How Are We Different? Our Philosophy is L.E.A.N . Lifestyle - We don't promote diets but long lasting lifestyle changes to achieve optimal health. ​ Education - We provide the education to understand our bodies and how they work. ​ Accountability - We are here and will provide accountability you need for success. ​ Non-Judgment - We provide a safe environment where we offer support not judgement. We've been there- we understand. Learn More “The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it” - Hippocrates Book A Consultation "After one week I was off insulin. After 4 months, I lost 50 pounds. I am never going back." John P. -56 “The Freshman 15 became the freshman 60. Body Shop helped me lose 60 pounds in 6 months without feeling deprived." Logan S. -19 “Body Shop helped me reverse my autoimmune symptoms and be pain free for the first time in 10 years. They helped me normalize my inflammatory markers.” Sarah C. - 53 "Molly & Robyn have helped me lose over 70 pounds & have been a wealth of knowledge, resources & brought excitement to my health journey." Andrea P. - 34 Check out our Blog! Easy Low Carb, Sugar Free Mini Brownie Bites 62 Write a comment 2 Spaghetti Squash Latkes 206 Write a comment 2 Poison in Moderation is Still Poison 9 Write a comment Subscribe to get a FREE Oil Change Program! Learn how cooking oils affect your health Subscribe

  • About Us | Body Shop Coach

    All of the information out there regarding health, nutrition and wellness is overwhelming and just plain confusing and contradicting. How do you know what to believe? Have you ever received the advice of just “eat less and move more”? Have you lost weight on diets only to gain back more weight? Are you tired of not being comfortable in your body? Have you ever wanted to make long lasting health improvements but just don’t know where to begin? We get it! We are here to listen and support you in navigating the world of nutrition to determine what will work best for you. We are knowledgeable advisors who will provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make achievable changes to improve your health and wellbeing. ​ Together we will: ​ Set and accomplish your goals Work to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight Learn the science controlling your metabolism Understand and reduce your cravings Increase your energy levels Feel great in your body Learn the importance of a Real Food Diet Learn how to create the life you desire What is a Health Coach? What is our Philosophy? L Lifestyle. We do not promote “diets”. Diets don't work. They begin and then they end. Most people end up gaining more weight after their diet when they go back to eating the SAD (Standard American Diet). We promote long lasting lifestyle changes to ensure optimal health. E Education. What fuels your body? Where do those fuels work? How do they work? How is fat formed? How is fat burned? What is metabolic stability? What diseases are associated with deranged metabolisms and how can we fix it? We will give you all of the answers with all of the science backing it up. A Accountability. This is the missing link to most programs. We are your coaches and we are here to coach you. We will show the play and equip you with tools you need to be successful. We don’t run the play for you. If you fumble, together we will figure out why and correct it. N Non-Judgmental. This is a safe environment. This is NOT your fault. You have been given and you’ve been following bad information. Information not backed by science. Our food recommendations have been based on an unproven hypothesis of Dr. Ancel Keys. We will give you the information you need to take control of your life and make the right choices. Food addiction is real and we can help you overcome. We will help you set and achieve your goals for your healthy life. "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food" -Hippocrates Book A Consultation Meet Our Team We are Molly Parker and Robyn Schorr, co-founders of The are Professional Nutritional Consultants and Certified Primal Coaches and we are passionate about health, Body Shop. We nutrition, and happiness. We want to assist you with permanent healthy lifestyle changes leading to a healthier and happier you! With over 40 years of combined experience working in the medical field, we know what works and what doesn't. Meet Molly After 35 years of being an international pre-hospital Emergency Medicine instructor and National Registry Paramedic, personal and family health struggles had me return to my roots of studying biology and chemistry. I began to study health not illness. I studied to become a certified health coach and personal trainer. My passion and compassion is for people who believe their weight or disease diagnosis is a lost cause, those who think “nothing works”. I address obesity, metabolic imbalances leading to diabetes, insulin resistance, fatty liver, chronic pain, hormonal imbalance and the hormonal changes of menopause. Contact Molly Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert Meet Robyn Certified health coach, over 20 years of hospital administration experience and a Health and Wellness Advocate. I earned my Bachelors of Science in biology and chemistry at the University of Cincinnati and I am a Certified Patient Advocate through Cleveland State University. I’ve struggled with autoimmune issues and inability to lose weight and found conventional medicine could not help me, which led to my passion in finding health through nutrition. I specialize in dietary issues associated with autoimmune disorders, diabetes, PCOS, inflammation and weight management. Contact Robyn Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

  • Info for Medical Providers | Body Shop Coach

    We have all heard the statistics chronic conditions including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and heart and kidney disease are bankrupting our country. Medical intervention can only do so much. Changes in lifestyle and diet could prevent many of the chronic diseases taxing our healthcare system and economy. Currently more than 100 million adults are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes in the U.S. The American Diabetes Association analysis indicates the total direct cost of diabetes in the U.S. in 2017 was $237 with the average cost being $16,752 per patient. Our mission is to be part of the solution. BILLION recognizes the challenges for busy health care providers. Time constraints on patient interactions frequently prevent necessary counseling on health and lifestyle changes needed to facilitate lasting improvement. We offer individual coaching and group support for these clients. Lifestyle changes involve self examination and daily actions. We are committed to seeing clients set and accomplish health goals. Body Shop Coaching and Wellness The resource links enclosed are the peer reviewed science and studies that give you the confidence to make the needed recommendations. exists to offer the education, guidance and support to help accomplish life long health improvement. Body Shop Please click on book image to download a free PDF of Drs. Volek and Phinney The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living. Please visit provided link for Clinical Guidelines for Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction developed by Mark Cucuzzella, MD,FAAFP which was presented at Low Carb USA. Dr. Cucuzella is family physician with Harper's Ferry Family Medicine and associate profession at West Virginia School of Medicine. Download Guidelines L ong-Term Effects of a Novel Continuous Remote Care Intervention Including Nutritional Ketosis for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes: A 2-Year Non-randomized Clinical Trial Free CME Click Here

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