Group Workshops

We understand that getting your health under control is challenging and also expensive. Here at Body Shop, we want to be able to help patients on any budget. Our group work outs are perfect for a group of friends looking to get healthy, keep each other accountable, and stick to a budget. Body Shop can also do Group Sessions for your place of work as a one-time work shop or a reoccurring monthly program. Please contact us for more information!

Over-All Health Workshop

In this group session, you and 5 other people will meet with Robyn or Molly for a top 10 health tips lectures as well as a Q&A. Program lasts for 2 hours and can be at the location of your choice. 

This lecture will include the following information: 

  • Easy weeknight dinner recipes

  • How to Deal with Sugar Cravings

  • Top 5 things to throw out of your pantry

  • Sugar & Your Hormone Health


Group Work Out

In this group session, you and 5 other people will meet with Robyn or Molly at a park and learn some very basic and gentle movements to get your body ready for more strenuous work outs in the future. 

This class includes: 

  • Gentle Stretching and its importance 

  • How often you should be performing these exercies

  • Proper form and its importance 

  • 10 minute work out to do at home


Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any specific disease. 

Please consult with your medical provider before beginning any new fitness or dietary plan. 

All information provided is for educational purposes only.

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